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Toertocht Luik op 25 augustus 2019


Route en adres naar toertocht


Rue de la Commune, 7

Routeplanner naar toertocht

70-115 km

13 €
Extra informatie
Extra informatie van de organisator:

The fourth #gravelride13 will take place 25th August 2019 and we will meet at La Cyclerie, rue de la Commune 7 at 4020 Liège for the departure of 2.0 version of the Gravel Ride of the 13 Terrils! Program: 8:00 am gathering and finalization of registrations at La Cyclerie 9:00 departure for both 70 and 115km routes. Back to La Cyclerie for the after ride. Participation fees: €13 for a delicious double Burger 100% Beef, with cheddar, fresh/fried onions, salad, tomatoes, American style potatoes (a Veggie version is possible, thanks to mention it in your payment) and a drink (a 1€ deposit is included in the 13€ and will be refunded when you return your glass at the end of the event). Free parking : Boulevard de la Constitution near the Colruyt a few steps away from the starting point. Two gravel routes to choose from: -70km (900D +) -115km (1700D +). Detailed descriptions below. GPX traces: The tracks will not be marked. The GPX traces will be communicated to you by email a few days before the event (mail, dropbox, Komoot, Strava). Registration required Event limited to 100 participants. Only the aforementioned Fee payment will validate your registration. This amount of €13 must be paid to account BE89 0634 3918 2285 by mentioning your surname, first name and email address, if you want a Veggie Burger, mention it here too (replace @ with "at" in the communication if your bank does not accept it). You don’t need to mention the length you want to ride. Registrations will be closed on 5th August, unless we reach the limit number of participants earlier. We will also ask you to sign a disclaimer. Here's the link to the document https://www.dropbox.com/s/0wvi2oe11tkww4e/Disclaimer%20Gravel%20ride%2013%20Terrils%202019%20pdf%20.pdf?dl=0 , if you can print it to bring it with you already completed and signed, this will save us time! The 2019 season of #Gravelride13 took place thanks to #Venomcycleworks and Leap Consulting and the Gravel Ride of the 13 Castles has been a great success thanks to their support. For this 2019 edition of the Gravel Ride of the 13 Terrils three partners will help us : La Cyclerie and again a frame builder from Liège namely Cycles Rouge Gorge. Leap consulting will also be part of the game. La Cyclerie will welcome you for the start and finish of this Gravel Ride of the 13 Terrils 2.0! Come and discover this place dedicated to cycling in the heart of the neighborhood of Outremeuse! For those who already know La Cyclerie, this will be the opportunity to come and see Thomas’ (aka Cycles Rouge Gorge! ) brand new workshop of bespoke bike frames. For this occasion, La Cyclerie will offer a temporary exhibition tracing the history of the Deroy Bikes. You may even have the chance to meet Armand Deroy, living legend of the Walloon custom bike scene, who will honor us with his presence. If you did not take part to the first edition of the 13 Terrils, you still don’t know that there are certainly longer events, more technical, more wooded, with more elevation, more expensive, muddier, darker, flatter, more everything and what not. But it is very likely that no other gravel event offers you more diversity in landscapes, surfaces, atmospheres and a unique experience between city and countryside, between gravel and cobblestones, Highway and small alleys, between post-industrial heritage and country side riding. After an epic first edition, we adapted the route to be more accessible and a little less technical. We will go through a portion of the previous edition's track but this time in a clockwise fashion. You can choose between 2 routes, a trace of 115km which will pass by 13 Terrils of the Liège region and a trace of 70km less technical to discover a beautiful diversity of paths around the center of Liège. Join us for this unique experience! The routes: 70km: This course will take you to the upper parts of Liège to enjoy beautiful views of the city and discover unusual hidden places (and some Terrils too). The trace will be almost identical to the first 65 km of the 115km track (some steep and more technical parts will be avoided). After 65km you will be able to decide to finish your ride by joining the arrival along the water or to continue the adventure and go for the missing Terrils (otherwise you will have seen 7...) 115km: The beginning is almost 100% common with the course of 70km, the traces separate on some occasions to go through steeper and more technical places than on the 70km. After 65km the routes will split and you will pick up the 6 missing Terrils by passing first by the Sart-Tilman, then we pass by a row of Terrils on the left bank of the Meuse before finishing with an urban and playful part that will allow us to discover the recent metamorphosis around the Meuse docks. What it is: An informal gravel ride with a free pace with a suggested route via a GPX file, you’re free to tailor your route according to your desires, your technical abilities or possible dangers. What it is not: it is not an organized ride with arrows and stewards. There will be no refuelling, no Bikewash or showers. Participants are not insured and each is responsible for their actions. Be prepared, reasonable, respect traffic rules and other users. Have fun! THERE WON’T BE ANY REFUELING STATION. To make up for the lack of refueling stations, here is a list of supermarkets that are on or very close to the route : KM11 (on the route) (8 - 13.00) Carrefour Market Thier à Liège Boulevard E. Solvay 517 4000 Thier Liege 042270962 KM28 (300m from the route) (9 - 13.30) Carrefour Market Oupeye Rue D'erquy 1 4680 Oupeye 042486220 KM55 (400m from the route) (8:30 - 18.00)�Rue Albert Ier 43, 4610 Beyne-Heusay 043586990 KM85 (100m from the route) (8:30 - 13.00) Spar Ivoez Ramet Place François Gérard 4, 4400 Flémalle 043381069 KM90 (800m from the route) (8 - 19.00) Carrefour Market Flémalle Haute Rue Du Beau Site 12 4400 Flemalle 043609850



Naam tocht:
Gravel ride des 13 Terrils 2.0
E-mail gravelride13@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/365053087696792/
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Huur mountainbike
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900 (70 km)-1700 (115 km)
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